With two thirds of the island as National Park combined with it’s Marine Park areas, 23 bays and beaches, Magnetic Island has a truly unique combination of flora and fauna.

The island is home to over 186 types of birds including kookaburras, sulphur crested cockatoos, brahminy kites and the island’s iconic bush-stone curlew.

This world heritage island is nestled in the Great Barrier Reef and is surrounded by fringing reefs. Magnetic Island also has an abundance of fish, turtles and gems of the sea.

5184 hectares of the island’s protected National Park includes thick bushland, ranging from dry wattles and the beautiful bark of eucalypts to pockets of rainforest, as well as hoop pine rocky outcrops.

The Forts walk is one of the best areas to spot koalas and 360 degree views of the coast and the Coral Sea, including Cleveland Bay.

Just down the road in Horseshoe Bay, there is a large lagoon with walkways which comes to life especially through wet season.

There is a large colony of Rock Wallabies located on the headland at Arcadia beach, 5 minutes walk from the Arcadia Beach Guest House. The wallaby colony’s habitat at Arcadia is made up of unique rocks and boulders and is a spectacular walk made even better by the curious wallabys.

The endangered Green and Flatback turtles are also found on the island particularly from November to January when they come to shore to nest. Arcadia Beach Guest House works alongside Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to monitor the species on Arcadia beach and give the hatchlings the best chance of survival.

The world class bush walks on the island allow you to get up close and personal with the local fauna in their natural habitats.